Overview of our Services

Be up and running with little hassle

  • Straight forward to configure and integrate into your website(s): No banking gateways to set up, no dealing with the card issuing bank nor the card acquiring banks - our admin team takes care of this on your behalf
  • Flexible to cater for your specific payment processing needs
  • Full multiple currency support

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Simple fees structure

  • As low as 2 % of transaction amount !
  • As your transaction volume goes up, so your processing fees come down

All types of payment processing

  • Sell goods, services or memberships (subscriptions) or accept donation payments with ease
  • Full subscription billing services: trial, recurring, trial-upgrade and fixed-period memberships
  • Free Virtual Terminal for MOTO approved vendors - manual transaction entry

Offshore Processing

International banking institutions loosen up their constraints to the more liberal international rules of commerce, rules which should allow you to operate your business legally and securely within the parameters of the credit card companies' terms of service.

Free configuration and integration support

  • Need assistance with configuration or integration ? We are here to help.
  • Need help with member access protection for your member's site? Our API is surprisingly simple yet sufficiently flexible to cater for almost all payment scenarios.
  • Free Shopping Cart integration support
  • As our partner, we work closely with you to maximise your eCommerce success.

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    Globill Interspire plugin\
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    Let us know your specific plugin requirements so that we can help

If you want to accept online

credit and debit card payments today

for selling goods, services or membership subscriptions

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